Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos

The Art of Cornnell Clarke

Browsing the internet in search for some background material I often find these little gems. Ordinary people I assume, who give their opinion on books they read and are often more entertaining then the regular reviews. Below are some of those on one of my favorite artists and his creations.

Catholic high school senior Molly runs  into a wild classmate that gets her into the hottest situations.
Nothing like spreading peanut butter on the right spots, doing it in the school bathroom, getting instructed in oral for the very first time, even getting the strict head nun at their school to lift her robe for an all-out anal blasting orgy for graduation!

Now she must confess to her sins and face how she loves being taken vigorously, even if she has become pregnant! A shockingly arousing side-story to this best-selling series.

Molly Fredrickson is a concoction of humankind's most deliciously sinful desires. With her Catholic schoolgirl outfit, cute family pet, girlish hairstyles, gentle looking suburban neighborhood and freckles like chocolate sprinkles, Molly presents an image of innocent naivety--but across these pages this raw sexual creature is anybody but.

Molly is a nymph of the highest caliber, libido and id off their leashes, a young woman who thrives on pure, sweet pleasure whenever she finds it...or whenever it finds her first. And in her carnal universe she never has to look very far, for as Molly quickly discovers her entire neighborhood is a landscape of orgy-filled insanity. In this dimension EVERYBODY'S horny and ready to go. Anywhere Molly wanders, sex in some form is bound to happen. She's not so much the kind of girl you'd bring home to meet mom as the kind mom would later jump on in the dark.

Molly is back in all of her sexual glory and sexually impossibility. Over the course of her diary (Volumes 1-5) I've seen Molly take on some pretty large individuals, and Vol. 6 is no different. How she's still able to walk after all that I do not know. This volume takes place at a party where the only thing flowing more freely than the alcohol, is the sex. I went to college and I've never seen a party like this. And while Molly is the sexual prima, Paola, a newcomer, is
her wing (wo)man. Even Molly couldn't believe what she did with Ron. Not to be outdone, Molly does something with Sean that I couldn't believe.

With each of his graphic novels there are usually one or two scenes that are just waaaayyyy over the top.
This one doesn't have that but it does have something just as good. Cornnel is a very good artist and there are a few panels that take place near the end of this book that are fraught with a mixture of pain, sex, tears, strain, pleasure, and finally release. The faces drawn on Molly speaks for themselves.
All in all, this is another winner from Mr. Clarke. If you enjoy his work then you must join his social networking. He is very active and is always sharing or drawing something. But please don't look at his stuff at work... unless you live in Amsterdam.

Found a comment on Amazon from the man himself: ' I'm the artist of the adult graphic novels "The Diary of Molly Fredrickson: Peanut Butter" and "Big Apple Shorts". These books and the ones to come are my exploration of erotica that I find is lacking in todays popular culture and adult media. Enjoy!
So I asked him: What are you exploring? Do you know? And can you say something about what it is that is lacking?

Mr. Clarke: "What if Eve had never eaten the forbidden fruit? What if instead of being tempted by the snake she ran and told Adam and they ran and told God. In short, what if we lived in a world where we didn't have STDs? Where unwanted and or unplanned pregnancies where unheard of? A world where we could explore our sexuality without the hinderances of the reality that we live in now? What type of people would we be? Honestly Peanut Butter started out as a farce. A through away idea inspired by the girls that I went to Catholic school with but now? Now it's an exploration of all the naughty thoughts we have in the back of our minds... Without the real world repercussions."

Now that Mr. Clarke would be Paradise. 

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Cornnell Clarke said...

Just a quick note to say thanks! Love the post. I'm always intrigued by the perspective of those who read my work. Invariably I find that they notice things within my work that I never even given conscious thought to consider. For instance, that excerpt about Paola. I've never thought about it as a scene of one-upmanship but it is: Molly the experienced one doesn't or didn't want to be outdone by the (seemingly) inexperienced Paola.

Anyway, thanks again for posting this. I'll definitely pass this on to my editor so that he can link it to his site.

best wishes,

Cornnell Clarke

Artist, Writer, and Creator.