Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos

Eros Graphic Album "column"

It seemed fun to me to choose collections for the purpose of creating sort of a column.
In which I put info on the issue, its creator(s) or anything else that might be interesting.

Since Fantagraphics faced persistent financial difficulties in the 1990s, and in order to continue publishing material that was financially risky, they created the *Eros Comix* imprint in 1990 to publish mildly erotic as well as explicitly pornographic comics(including a 'MangErotica' line)
designed to draw the income necessary to allow the company to pursue less lucrative ventures.

Despite its blatently commercial goals, Eros nevertheless attracted talented and prominent artists, including Gilbert Hernandez, who published Birdland as an Eros title. Colleen Coover produced the girly adult comic Small Favors, and Eros even continued the company's historical recovery work by releasing volumes of pin-ups by prominent cartoonists and 8 volumes of Tijuna Bibles, the notorious pornographic comic booklets from before World War II.

In 1993, they began to collect their “greatest hits” into a series of trade paperbacks under the moniker of “Eros Graphic Albums.”
Each volume generally collects an entire original mini-series under a single cover.

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