Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos

Ana Mirallès: Jade I Presume

Nationality: Spain
Born: Madrid, 12.16.1959

After graduation of Fine Arts of San Carlos, Ana Mirallès draws for many Spanish fanzines before making illustrations for editions Gregal, Teide and Bromera.
Her first album "El Brillo de una Mirada" scenario by her companion Emilio Ruiz is published in black and white in 1990 by Palgrave General.
This is the erotic story of a woman who describes the relationships, and events that follow one another while shooting a commercial in a hotel. Subsequently, this work was re-color and re-released in Spain by Editorial Casset in France by Glénat under the title "Combat."
With Glénat she draws 'Seeking the unicorn'. This three-volume series is an adaptation of the novel by Eslava Galan Ruan, bestseller in Spain.
A sensitive and prolific writer, her work is available in a variety of picture books, postcards, book covers and magazines, exhibitions, collective work, advertising, screen, etc ...

With writer Jean Dufaux she works/worked at the "Djinn" series at Dargaud Benelux.
Available is also a documentary on Ana Mirallès working on the comic Djinn.
The film, directed by Emilio Zavala Ruiz , screenwriter and husband of Ana Mirallès begins with a slideshow that seems long at first, but actually lasts the length of a song , the time to settle into the mood . The images we see are zooming scroll -made thumbnails of Djinn series . All have one thing in common: they show the bodies. Dressed , painted or bare . Of the men but especially women .

Spanish Spoken with French subtitles. Someone can provide transcript in English?

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