Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos

Eros Graphic Album no. 3 Anton's Collected Drek featuring Wendy Whitebread

Donald E. Simpson is an American comic book cartoonist and freelance illustrator, most noted as the creator of the series Megaton Man, Border Worlds, and Bizarre Heroes, as well as the official comic book adaption of King Kong. He also freelanced for nearly every major comic book publisher. His most widely seen work are the illustrations he created for Al Franken's 2004 bestseller, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.

Between 1990 and 1992, Simpson created six erotic underground comix under the pseudonym "Anton Drek," including Wendy Whitebread, Undercover Slut and Forbidden Frankenstein:
In 1993, Eros Comix began to collect their “greatest hits” into a series of trade paperbacks under the moniker of “Eros Graphic Albums.” Each volume generally collects an entire original mini-series under a single cover.
In this edition:
Wendy Whitebread #1-2, Forbidden Frankenstein #1-2, Dracula's Daughter #1, and Anton's Drekbook #1. And extra artwork and cartoons. The exact content is described here:


The story of Wendy Whitebread is set in the fictional town of Avondale, Michigan. She is the top of her graduating class from the Avondale Police Academy. A straitlaced type, she reluctantly joins the vice squad and acts as a decoy prostitute as part of a sting operation. Wendy is assisted by her five Untouchables: Lin, Lea, Kate, Sylvie and Franchesca. Officer Paul Pureheart falls in love with Wendy and to be able to get her he becomes the serial "sexual offender" Mr. Misogyny. One night at a motel disguised as Mr. Misogyny he is fellated by Wendy, anally ravishes her while handcuffed to a toilet, then reveals his real identity to her, and consensually takes her virginity and proposes marriage, all with the Untouchables approving. Wendy enthusiastically agrees. They marry and Pureheart gets away with his crimes. In Wendy Whitebread #2 (April 1992), Pureheart tries to cheat on Wendy with a prostitute, but is shot instead. There is an orgy and Pureheart is brought to his final resting place.

Drek wrote and drew the "Forbidden Frankenstein" saga, originally published in a three-comic run. It includes the chapters "Sperm of Frankenstein Part 1: The Child Bride of Frankenstein" published in Forbidden Frankenstein #1; "Sperm of Frankenstein Part 2: The Origin of the Sperm of Frankenstein" published in Forbidden Frankenstein #2; and "Sperm of Frankenstein Part 3: The Bride of Frankenstein...Lives Again" published in Dracula's Daughter #1.

If you haven't yet gotten it by now, it is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein story with a modern sex-filled twist as this note by Drek at the start of the 2nd chapter will tell you:
"With apologies to Mary W. Shelley, on whose novel this travesty is based."

The books feature very graphic sex between human women and the Frankenstein monster, who sports a graphically exagerated member with the staying power of the undead and a seemingly unending supply of Frankenseed. The exageration is clearly played for humor, as there really isn't anything sexy about this tale.
Still, the parody of this horror tale is not without it's charms, and it's hard not to be amused by the author's enthusiasm for the subject. In the third book the cast of characters expands with the introduction of Drekula, and a special guest appearance by Wendy Whitebread (star of another Anton Drek erotic comic series.)

Portions of Wendy and other strips appeared in the Spanish erotic-comics anthology magazine Kiss Comix #1, #2, #3, and #4 in 1991, and an Italian edition of Wendy Whitebread #1 appeared in 2005 from Blue Press.

Finnish translations of Wendy Whitebread, Undercover Slut and Forbidden Frankenstein appeared as Paula Patonki, Piilokyttänarttu and Frankensteinin Perhekalleudet respectively, issued by the Helsinki publisher Sötem in 1995.

Eurodrek: Anton, the Jerry Lewis of porn:

Bernard Joubert is a journalist and anti-censorship activist, editor of Dictionnaire des livres et journaux interdits : par arrêtés ministériels de 1949 à nos jours (Paris: Cercle de la librairie, 2007), and most importantly, the translator as well as painstaking editor and producer of the wonderful 2005 French-language Anton Drek compendium Drekbook : l’Intégrale d’Anton Drek (Paris: Dynamite, 2005).

Monsieur Joubert recently made a generous contribution to the Anton Drek Foundation Archives of several of his vintage reviews for the Italian erotic magazine Blue. These include several contemporary write-ups of the Drek comix as they were being published in America and subsequently translated in Europe in the 1990s, the heyday of American and European porn comics. Not unlike Jerry Lewis, Monsieur Drek may have greater prestige abroad than in the USA.

Unfortunately, at the time these reviews were written, Monsieur Joubert was still under the impression, as were so many commentators at the time, that “Anton Drek” was merely the pseudonym of some obscure American cartoonist moonlighting as a pornographer. Luckily, this widespread and persistent myth has been thoroughly debunked and incontrovertibly dispelled by recent scholarship.

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