Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos


EROS Comix publishes the largest roster of Japanese sex comics in the United States. They feature the work from the best MangErotica available today, from KONDOM's fantasy-oriented Bondage Fairies, to the unique teacher/student relations in NeWMaN's Secret Plot, to the adventures of Ituoshi Ihsa's brazen Slut Girl, to the outrageous, over-the-top kink of Mashumaro Juubaori's Voice of Submission, and beyond. They've worked with the original artists to undo the official censorship of the Japanese press, returning previously blurred sections of art to their original, explicit state, ensuring that the artists who publish in the States can be as filthy as they want to be - and oh, are they ever.

Slut Girl is a blast, very funny to read. Straight sex. Sayoko is not so much a slut, rather a user of people, she's always broke, but can very well stand up for herself. Poor Satoru, Sayoko's boyfriend in the series is really the one who we should pity in this series even though he gets to screw Sayoko around. Last but not least, man, Isutoshi knows how to draw!

Strange Kind of Woman. Shion is the cutest and sexiest girl in the school, but she literally never has anything to say. This doesn't stop Mamoru from asking her out, and he is elated to discover that she is actually a repressed nymphomaniac. But the fun is short-lived once his tall, slim, and stacked, but scary classmate Yuki begins stalking him for herself! By Inu

Love and Hate. Chika is beautiful, sexy, and arrogant. She wants a nice trophy boyfriend, but finds herself attracted to Keiji, the class geek and a guy she hates. She tries to resist this horrifying desire, but finally gives in. "But we're just 'classmates with benefits,'" Chika warns the smitten Keiji, and she'll never ever love him. Still, time changes all things.... By Enomoto Heights

Too Hot to Handle. From Tsukino Jyogi, one of the most popular and influential erotic manga artists in Japan, comes this twisted tale of a laid-back sadist, a fiery masochist, plus a boy and his sister. When Ayumo finds a way to blackmail Mutsumi, the icy and aloof honor student, he takes full advantage of it to treat her as his slave… but it isn't long before she's reluctantly enjoying it. And when her classmate Kenji joins in to make a threesome, he soon decides his lovely and innocent twin sister Hinako would make a perfect slave as well. Before long, all four are caught in a tangle of ropes and relationships and plenty of backdoor action.

And Many more....

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