Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos

Interview with Dee Chorde [15th october 2004]

The Bone Ranger

A humourous & erotic take on the Lone Ranger.

A few personal data first. Where were you born?, Where do you live now?
Sorry, I keep that all personal just because I have a wonderfull family to protect.

Is "Dee Chorde" an alias and if so, what it stands for?
Chorde - pronounced "horde" with a "ch" in front of it. It's what me and my friends call the back view of a woman's pussy
when she's on all fours like a dog with her ass up in the air.

 Is it "safer" to work in the porn-comix business with an alias?
I feel it is. It's crazy in America where all of the Religious nuts feel that their way is the only way and it puts a lot of pressure on society.

Why is it ok to show two guys beating each other to death but if you show a male's penis you're a pervert going to hell?
Why is violence more accepted then sex, when sex is the way we reproduce and survive?

Most of those people have also been raised to believe that sex is bad and dirty and not something that should be fun and enjoyable.
I hope somebody's laughing at my comics right now and I was able to put a little extra fun in sex.

You studied art or something comparable?
I have a BFA ( bachlor of fine arts) from college for oil painting. Did a lot of landscape paintings.

How were your beginnings as an artist? Did you first decide to draw comics and then move gradually to erotic stuff
or did you start drawing porn-comics from the beginning?
I grew up loving comics and been drawing all my life. I love superheros comics but could never find a job in it.
I did a few horror comics. They were "for mature readers" and I thought, "why don't I just go hard core and see what happens?".
That's when I was lucky enough to get picked up by EROS comics.

What was your first bit of work? Are the eros comix
publications the first (maybe you can write a small
list of your past publications)?
Just EROS anthologies:
- Rear Entry #1
- Blowjob #3
- Footlicker #1
- Kama Sutra #1&2
and my fist solo try - The Bone Ranger!

Where you receive inspiration for your erotic-stories?
When I was working on horror comics me and one of my buddies were joking around with the idea of starting a porno movie company.
That's when I wrote out a bunch of scripts and ideas which later I turned into my comics.

Which material/drawing-techniques do you use for your porn-drawings?
I figure out the story and do thumbnails for each spread. If I'm doing my own book like "The Bone Ranger,"
I'll make sure the middle spread that gets binded will always be a double spread.

Though I feel that most are just into the art I pride myself on the story.
I also make sure that as I write the women are always in control - rough sex or not. I don't care for the comics out there that show rape or degrading scenarios.
Even a lot of the porn industry and taken such a turn that it's no longer about sex, but it's how to treat a woman like shit.
I don't get it.
Bring back the great John Leslie films, man that guy could tell a story.

Then I do pencil layouts. I scan these and place them in the back of the book. As a fan of comics I find it interesting
to see the pencils so I include them in case anyone out there has the same interest.
Then I ink the pages. Throughout my art I always like hiding little messages or things to find. For the porno comics I've been hiding adult film starlets
 that I think are hot. For The Bone Ranger I added Jade, Sky Lopez, and Dayton Rains. One each on the cover and three times each through the book.
My friends always found it fun to look for them and I hope some of the readers out there do, too.
I color the cover and grayscale all the pages computer. This takes the most time, it's boring, and is very tedious.
I wish I didn't do it but It looks so much better and I realy want the customer to feel that he has gotten his money's worth.
I do all the sound effects and text, place them in a docment for printing and send it off to EROS.

Do you have favorite comic artists? Which one have influenced your work the most?
Where do I start? There are so amazing artists out there. I grew up awed by John Byrne, George Pérez, Walt Simonson and Art Adams.
Then came the Image wave. I Love Erik Larson, Jim Lee, and Marc Silverstri.
Some more recent artist that are just incredible are J.Scott Campbell, John Romita Jr. and Tony Daniel.
Also I have to say I love Jim Balent's new comics and all of the fun stuff they do over at BroadSword Comics.

What is a day in the life of Dee Chorde like?
Well, I wake up with five pussies on my bed - my wife and my four cats (yes, four). Then I get up and go to work, and I come home.
If I'm lucky, I can manage to squeeze in some time for comic book art.
Other interests except comix?
I love to watch and play basketball - GO KINGS!
I love to read Dean Koontz, Laurell K. Hamilton and RA Salvatore.
A perfect vacation is when I get together with my friends, drink margueritas and play poker all day, then switch to video games all night.

How do you see the danger for the erotic comic market, which given by the innumerable illegal scans of comixpages in the internet?
Big danger - it's getting to the point were it's not worth it to do any comics for most of us get royatly checks.
If people want to see the art and read the stories plese buy them at the companies that distributes them.
Support the artists that are working their butts off to put out an entertaining book. I spent a lot of time and effort to put out a book that.
I hope is worth less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Plans for the future?
Next year I'll be working on a four-issue limited series call "3 Messy Little Schoolgirls".
It's really funny story about three girls and there families. The girls use what they got (and boy do they got it) to get back stage at one of the hottest rap concerts of the year. Lesbianism, Incest, Gangbangs, orgies and even a little revenge mixed in there- this one's got it all.
I hope my fans really enjoy this one.

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