Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos

Giovanna Casotto - Playful and Carefree

Giovanna Casotto is next to Ilona Staller(Cicciolina) one of Italy's most popular TV actrices, but she also is an comic art artist, already author of « Expériences Interdites », « Les Désirs de Vénus», «Mauvaises Habitudes » and « Chambre 179 »; is one of the most published artists of the collection «Selen presents ».

She's the first femal erotic Italian illustrator, she's not only an illustrator, but she draws herself in all the "Selen-covers" in the most explicit erotic scenes , she's also an actrice who acts in those stories. Because of her fantastic realistic drawings( of herself and her best friends), the artwork of Miss. Giovanna Casotto is one of the most beautiful you will find in that catagory. The quality of her autoportaits are so beautiful and fantastic realistic that everyone who likes the comic art must see or have this.

Giovanna Casotto got hooked on erotic comics in 1994, after meeting feet-fetish artist Franco Saudelli. With Saudelli she learns to draw and they start collaborating on several stories they write together, Franco pencils and Giovanna inks and models for.

After a short stint on adventure comics for L'Intrepido, Italian publisher Trentini signs her up for his new publication Selen.
Her artwork in Selen leads to major sales in Italy, reprints all over Europe and publication of her stories in the United States in the Bitch In Heat series (Eros Comix). She also becomes a requested guest in many Italian TV shows, and her appearances at comic-cons in Italy and abroad draw huge crowds.

Originally published in Italy's "Selen" magazine, the stories in the "Bitch in Heat" anthology series are a cut above most adults-only comics.

Italian fine artist Giovanna Casotto uses a photo-realistic style, aided by greytones over his black and white line art. While each story features explicit sex, they actually have plots too; some humorous, some complex dramas.

The characters who populate Casotto's stories are all fatally flawed, but still recognizable; in other words, human beings. There are porn stars with murder in their hearts, the husband who gambles his wife's favors in a poker game, characters revealing their erotic dreams, and lots of sex in public places. The sex is explicit, but is used as a story tool for some excellent, if twisted, tales. The art is amazing.

Artzine Interview by Pietro Rotelli, 2 oktober 2014
(Note: looked like a rough translation, not sure about the correctness, so I changed it sometimes. If someone can correct me, please do so)

Giovanna Casotto, tells us about herself, comics, passion, eroticism, pornography .

I would start with eroticism …

The eroticism attracts me in all its forms, from art to literature, from reality to dreams. It‘s my only real interest, the others are just secondary. I like to investigate this matter and hear other voices about it, because nothing more like eros moves my life, nothing else takes most of my time and my space marks.
In short, all this stuff about me exudes eroticism. And when I can, once acquired, I try to deploy it and spread it along the paths I walk among people, through my drawings. It’s like if life had given me a task and told me: “go and give dreams of love.” I try, come on. It is not a presumption of mine, but an attempt to share my fantasies with others. Telling dreams is a little ‘how to live, without dealing with the reality. It ‘a little’ about how to free the soul.
Dreaming is necessary! Of course, there is the risk of confusing the reality with fantasy, but the “sign” borders on the “dream” in the two-dimensional sheet of paper. Here it is thus forced to distinguished from the real world. Or rather, the act of setting the fantasies the “sign” gives the value of their dream.

How did the passion for drawing start?
The story is long. For those who can afford to be bored, here it is:
Even as a child I cut out for me a corner of Dreams (like the Smoking Area at Ikea) where I was aloof from the rest of the world undisturbed to live my fantasies. It so happens fate decided that my childhood should take place in the desolate countryside of Veneto.

Away from my parents, my sisters, from other children and progress, I found myself alone among vineyards and corn on the cob to deal with nothing. So I began to imagine a fantasy world, made of dreams and visions. It was my little big world, so different from the real one, but true! And when even this world left me, it forced me into other ways to feel my surroundings, a slightest sign of life. Vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste undertook to perceive the smallest detail everything that surrounded me. Here, a slight rustle of a wire of grass in the wind, became for me an event there, where there was no nothing there, where nothing happened.

My powers of observation grew larger in an exponential manner, necessarily.

I spend my childhood with my paternal grandmother, Since my mother left to Milan with my sisters, strengthening, thus, the love for them. I tried, rather, the love of my father, believing that my mother ran out with them. But how could I win the love of my father also so far? I had to find a meeting point with him, intimate, emotional, exclusive. So, I tried his attention through drawing. As my dad was an excellent draftsman, Certainly he would be interested in me, seeing intent to cultivate a common passion. It is said that the passions unite. Already I felt that he loved me when he devoted himself to the correction of my drawings.
That’s why still drawing! That’s why I think that “draw” not is a gift, but a need to communicate, an act of love, a reason for living. The design is a language that makes it an understandable message, which communicates feelings and emotions. From the technical point of view it’s just a little ‘more complicated than the writing. Anyone can learn to write and draw if they want or need. I do not think the qualities, much less to those innate. Knowing how to draw is just a matter of training, not a dowry.
My grandmother was very poor and forced into hard labor in the fields. Do not had no time for me.
The only attention I received during my stay in Veneto countryside, came from a few of my older cousins, who occasionally came to visit us. Their presence made the day festive. We played cards until late at night and the house was filled with voices and laughter, and I was happy. them I gave full attention, kisses and caresses.

During the card games played around the large marble table, one of them held me in his arms and, without shame, his fumbling hands in my panties. Despite my modesty and young age, but I let them do it, because those caresses liked me, God knows how much I liked them! Their fingers seemed to expert and gently, never with arrogance, handing out my little body so much pleasure. P. My cousin had a light and delicate touch. His hand seemed most experienced. Knew the right spot and with the the ends of the fingers stimulated me to sleep happy on his knees. The large marble table hiding our game from the looks of others, hiding my intimacy and his interest in me that was growing inside his pants.
I was not so sure, but I certainly remembered my meat to became soft and fluffy to the touch of his caresses, making available as a slave who submits to his master.

Sometimes my cousin (female) came to visit her grandmother, and who was also much bigger than me. She was beautiful and had a very strong character. She tended to dominate. She was not very tall and had a slender body but with big tits. Even her boobs seemed to dominate. She liked it so much looking in the mirror and brushing your hair often. After lunch we went to bed together in the Latvian grandmother’s for a nap. I still remember the freshness of those sheets of raw cotton and their scent of Marseille soap. But remember above all the flavor of my cousin, appetizing, strong and determined, there, where men like get lost.

She complacently undresses herself in front of me her body demanding my attention and my caresses. She lead with authority my small hands to the most sensitive parts of her body, teaching to move them as to provide her pleasure. eh, yes … my cousin loved the mirrors. She had even a small one in her handbag. Handing it to me asking me to move it around her vagina to see its reflection and be able to admire while she was supine in bed.
She liked looking at her pussy. Ordered me to open it, to scostarne lips slightly and taste it. Embarrassed, I obeyed. meanwhile she caressed her breasts and moaned, rocking, satisfied. I stood there, a little ‘clumsy. I could not understand those needs, considering my young age, but I understood we were doing something forbidden by her whispers and the apparrent need to lock the door. I was afraid that someone would discover and I would be punished for what I did. But feared even more disappointing my cousin. Meaning that I would be punished if I did not followed her orders.

So, despite my fears, I kept continuing that game, in truth, starting to like it. I do not know why. It seemed to me a form affection which provided very special attention.
My cousin was picky when giving her orders: “Take off your dress “…” out with the pants “…” And now parading my “…” Take the puntamelo mirror and between the legs “…” I want to look at here … so … you are really a good girl … I see it too as it has become swollen and red! … Do you like it? … Open it a bit ‘more … and now taste it! … Come on, be a good girl, kiss her. ”
And I kissed her while she was pressing my head against her sex, immobilized, forcing me to drink all his sexual lust before she slipped away.

I, for strength, tasted and drank. What flavor! Full-bodied and intense as that of a vintage wine. She wanted to taste and drink. So, finished my task, I lifted my head and bringing it to her I kissed her mouth sucking what remained of his nectar. Finally, She hugged me with a hug, almost maternal, as to thank me, and fell asleep exhausted on top of me.
It was nice to feel her body glued to my sweat away. I felt adopted, loved like a daughter. She always fell asleep before me, while I remained a little ‘there to scrutinize our nakedness rigate shy from the sun that filtered through the chinks of the shutters.
Then I fell asleep too.

So, without realizing it, I found myself steeped in eros since early childhood. And that Eros became part of my life rooted in me as the foundation of a house.
In short, childhood influences shapes forever the future of an individual; compelling it to bring their feelings to the primary emotions. The psychic formation of an adult depends on his early life, so psychologists say. In my case, this explains the spirit of observation, matured in terms of loneliness. This explains the passion for drawing as a means of communication, and need for love. This explains the strong interest in eroticism perceived as a form of affection from a child left to itself. And that explains the choice to make erotic comics as a synthesis of my first emotions.

Pornography and eroticism: definitions that range? There is a border?
Eros is the sexual component of the impulse of love and its reflections deep on the psyche are unique and personal. The psyche is the complex phenomena that allow the individual to form an experience of self and the world and is specific to each of us. Passions, instincts, the acts in respect of sex vary from individual to individual making eroticism a very personal question. Therefore, an image, a show, an argument may seem erotic or pornographic to some others. It is said that pornography both the eroticism of others, never your own! In fact, as can their sexual impulse which is also a vital impulse, considered pornographic and / or obscene?
In short, the line between eroticism and pornography varies according to the own taste and decency. Who can say that this or that image is pornographic rather than erotic?
I leave the answer to you.
In the meantime, I continue to draw comics.
Erotic or pornographic they are, does not matter. The purpose is to please devourers of images that dream with me certain fantasies and sharing with me some emotions.
The story in my comics is not essential …
The story is just an excuse to draw. The drawing in my comic speaks for itself. It is not a presumption mine, but a choice. I choose the sign as a spokesperson of sensuality. It takes the nuances graphite to give the feeling of sensuality. You do not need a history. And then, I have great stories to tell, but only sensations.

About femininity …
Female is everything that belongs only to the woman. from soul sensibility to cellulite. From the charm of the seduction, grace with which a woman walking swaying, barefoot or wearing a pair of shoes with stiletto heels. from the assumption of attitudes to provocative winks and smiles.
This is the femininity that I like to represent.
A playful and carefree femininity, typical of the “little women” of postwar who loved being nice emphasizing, with clothing and accessories, their own forms such as strong sexual attraction to humans. But beware! I do not mean women-toy, but of women playing, ironically, jokingly.

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