Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos

Eros Graphic Album no. 4 - 2 Hot Girls on a Hot Summer Night - Hooper and Wetherell

This graphic novel is the work of two Englishmen, Art Wetherell and Terry Hooper. The late Art Wetherell was assigned by Dark Horse in the USA to illustrate 'Jabba the Hutt' and other 'Star Wars' titles, which was followed by work for Caliber (a.o. 'Negative Burn', 'The Searchers'). He was also one of the first artists published by Fantagraphics as part of its 'Eros Comix' line, creating such titles as '2 Hot Girls on a Hot Summer Night' and 'Treasure Chests'.
Art Wetherell began his career drawing for Harrier Comics in the early 1980s. He then moved over to Marvel UK to pencil titles like 'The Real Ghostbusters', 'Death's Head', 'Transformers', 'Thundercats' and 'Doctor Who'. In the 1990s he started producing work for 2000 AD. Wetherell has worked on licensed comics 'Power Rangers', as well as fairytale stories such as 'Sleeping Beauty' for the children's comic Blue Moon. He passed away on Christmas Day 2003.

Hooper is a distinguished figure on the UK comics scene, working as a writer, artist, editor & publisher since the 80's and currently behind the ComicBitsOnline site.

In the early nineties, Eros Comix brought them together to create this, volume four in the illustrious and lengthy Eros Graphic Novel series. This volume collects the entire delightful time-hopping series chronicling the naughty rompings of two monumentally stacked English girls, horny honeys M and JC, as they satisfy one another in a Sapphic frenzy through the ages! United by a lascivious love of female flesh, they put their fingers and tongues, a cucumber, ice cubes, a night stick, a religious icon and more to good and gooey uses! "What sort of uses?" you might ask. Seeing is believing!

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, as the old feminist slogan has it -- and M. and J.C. don't need men at all! Not so long as they can get their eager hands on electric vibrators, cucumbers, policemen's nightsticks, and each other's gorgeous, squirming bodies!

Written and drawn by those exceedingly naughty Englishmen Terry Hooper and Art Wetherell, 2 Hot Girls on a Hot Summer Night is a cheery, cheeky hardcore romp that jauntily skips from 1992 to 1995 to 1898 to 1080, proving that while hemlines may vary, lust -- lust, and really, really enormous breasts -- remain eternal.

These bountiful beauties invite you to take a ringside seat and watch as they frolic with complete abandon. Whoever said sex wasn't a spectator sport obviously never had an encounter with the 2 Hot Girls!

What makes it special? Art Wetherell clearly loved women, and knew exactly how their bodies work. His instinctive feel for figure drawing gives the girls a personality and a physical reality far beyond your routine inflatable fantasy figures. Hooper fills what could have been a very sketchy pretext with telling detail. Each episode has its own plot development and the last explains the time loop the characters find themselves in. There is an unexpected warmth to it all; there are sexy period costumes and the use of outrageous toys, but lots of giggles and kisses as well.

The book is seen offered for collectors prices on the web, but as of writing, 'warehouse find' copies are available direct from Eros Comix at the original price. It has also been reissued by My Excess through Lulu. Wetherell also produced the confessional series 'Treasure Chests' for Eros. That's an impossibly vulgar double entendre of course, but for those of us who love erotic graphics his work is, in fact, a treasure, and deserves to be in print.

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