Challenging Taboos

Challenging Taboos


Japan has its own erotic comic history and genre. Probably even more frowned upon then in the west.

In Japan they have (mandatory) schoolclubs. Which have advisors. Here the members of the photography club are not really into it. Which leaves the advisor in a pinch for the next weeks exhibition.
Btw, she also has the sight of a bat.

Comics are read from right to left

So they come up with the idea to make a swimsuit shoot. With the advisor as a model, they at least have done something.
Only they dont expect what follows.

They totally have their way with her. But besides being short sighted she's not to smart either.
She actually presents the shoot at the exhibition.

The Japanese have a lot of genres in their erotic comics or doujinshi. Still not sure what all the names mean.
If someone could present me with a list.

Lot of the materials doesnt appeal to me. Still, cant help myself to tjek it out regurarly.
Lots of garbage, but theres art also or just hilarious stuff.

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